How to Find the Perfect RV Type for Your Needs

If staying cooped up inside due to your state’s shelter-in-place order has you dreaming of the trips you could be taking right now, you’re not alone. Across the world, people are dreaming up the vacations they want to take once they’re allowed to travel again. If staying inside has made you hungry to reconnect with nature, there are hundreds of state and national parks worth adding to your bucket list. One of the best ways to travel to these destinations is to camp at them once you’ve arrived. If you’re looking to make this kind of travel easier, an RV could be the ideal solution. Here’s how to find the perfect RV type for your needs.

Do you want to tow?

One of the most common ways to transport your RV is by using a trailer hitch and towing it. Depending on the kind of car you have, this may limit the sorts of RVs you can look at. For example, if you’re planning on towing with an SUV or small pickup truck, you’ll likely need to be shopping for an RV with a certain weight limit. After all, an SUV has a different towing capacity than a lightweight or heavy-duty truck. You’ll also want to consider how many people you need to be able to sleep in your RV. If you’re towing with an SUV or small pickup and only need to sleep one or two people, the Airstream Nest could be a good fit for you. That being said, if you’re towing with a heavy-duty truck, Keystone RV’s Sprinter or Heartland RV’s Big Country could be a better option. Keep your space and weight requirements in mind when shopping for an RV to tow and you’ll find a great travel trailer that meets your needs.

Do you want to drive?

If the idea of towing your RV behind you adds unnecessary stress to the thought of a well-earned vacation, it may be better to look at drivable RVs. For a drivable RV that sleeps just one or two people, Airstream’s Atlas is a good starter option. Featuring an expansive room plan, this touring coach adds luxury to the traditional camper. For larger traveling parties, Jayco’s Precept is worth looking into. A Class-A motorhome, the Precept is ideal for a short weekend getaway or that interstate road trip you’ve always dreamed of. Jayco has built a reputation for the handling and stability of its motor homes, and the Precept illustrates a culmination of these features, including their patented JRide Plus. With a king-sized bed, sofa, dinette, and shower, the Precept has everything you need, even on the longest of trips.

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when you’re planning to purchase an RV. While newer RVs may offer top-of-the-line features and amenities, many times opting for a used RV is a better way to dip your toes into the water. Keep the above tips and information in mind as you do your research and find the perfect RV for your needs. You’ll also want to consider whether or not to purchase an extended warranty on your RV. While insurance plans will cover accidents or weather damage, an extended warranty can be useful in covering the expensive costs of unexpected repairs. The best RV manufacturer warranty is one that helps you mitigate these kinds of costs instead of having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fix the issues yourself out of pocket. Keep the cost of an extended service plan in mind as you shop for a used RV and you’ll be able to get a great deal.

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