The Kia Sportage and Car Designs From Around the World

If you ask people which country produces the best vehicles then you are bound to get plenty of mixed responses. Many people consider German or Japanese vehicles to be some of the best on the market, but increasing numbers of people are choosing cars that are produced in South Korea, such as the Kia Sportage. The Kia Sportage was first created in the early nineties, although South Korea has been producing vehicles far longer than that. In the mid-nineties and from the year 2000 onwards, the Kia Sportage has gained more popularity due to the affordability it offers to drivers. Although it is 4×4, it differs from many of its other competitors by offering very good fuel mileage; this is unusual for a 4×4 as they are generally considered to offer only poor fuel economy. If you are interested in a 4×4 vehicle but are not sure how it will impact on your fuel budget there are several online calculators that can tell you how much a vehicle will cost per year in fuel based on your driving habits. Poor fuel economy can be improved to an extent by carefully monitoring the way you drive and adjusting accordingly; if you regularly change gears unnecessarily of brake harshly then you could be adding pounds on to your weekly fuel bill.

Typical South Korean design

South Korea has fast become one of the world leaders in motor manufacturing as they have proved themselves to be quick learners. They know that for a car to do well it needs to meet the requirements of the average driver and offer an unbeatable package for the price. Kia is often praised for the attractive prices it charges for its fleet of vehicles. By carefully perfecting and refining the production process of their vehicles they have been able to successfully reduce the overall cost and pass some of the savings back to their customers. Many of their vehicles come in a range of different specifications with lots of optional extras that can be included to add an extra touch of luxury; these include optional CD players, a choice of leather interiors and also different engine sizes to choose from. Generally the higher the engine size is, the more expensive it is to insure so keep this in mind when researching possible vehicles.

The importance of a test drive

A test drive is an extremely important part of the buying process; often you may find yourself totally smitten by a certain car only to find that when you actually get behind the wheel it does nothing for you. First impressions do count, and though you should be satisfied by the look for your new car, the performance and handling of it should be the deciding factor that helps you make your selection. A test drive needs to be arranged in advance and can be done so easily by contacting the Kia dealership direct.

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