2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe: The Most Powerful Jag Ever

Jaguar has been trying to make a sports car that can surpass the expectations of sports car lovers and they have done it with 2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe which is certainly the most powerful Jaguar model ever. Although, it looks like a coupe version of the F Type roadster, but Jaguar has confirmed that the car is much more than that. On the outside, 2015 Jaguar F Type R Coupe gets a beautiful sweeping roofline with an E-Type coupe rear window. The overall weight of the vehicle has been reduced to accelerate better performance. Continue Reading

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The Magnificent 2014 Jaguar XJ

March 18, 2014 • Autos Reviews, Jaguar • Views: 3391

In a February customer newsletter, Jaguar Land Rover introduced the specifications of highly sophisticated cars including the likes of the F-type and the C-X17. In all their new inventions, the car that made me feel like setting up a test drive with them was none other than the superbly endorsed