So what is the BMW M8? To be exact it is the first real supercar from the German automaker since it released the 1981 453 BMW M1s. The M8 is a coupe design and is expected to feature a very retrospective appearance, but coupled with state of the art technologies for its engine components. They will also utilize light weight materials in hopes of maintaining a low curb weight of 2760-pounds.

So why is BMW coming out with this model? To put it simple, BMW plans to come out with a fleet of electric models which could and may still jeopardize their image as a sports car, and well-known reputation in motorsports. But with the M8 this allows the automaker to maintain that level of respect in the motorsports world. Even though the M8 will be built on the same platform as the electric –hybrid model i8, which in return actually uses some of the same parts that make up the 5-series. You can read a bit more about the 5 Series with the BMW of Towson 5-series review.

What powers this M8? Well it is literally an upgrade of the popular M5 direct-injected 4.4 –liter TwinPower Turbo—then it is matched with an eight speed transmission. They are expected to exceed 600 horsepower and as much as 650-hp. This will be a true powerhouse.  Likely to be one of the more entertaining rides of the 2016 year.

Its direct competition will likely be the Audi R8, Mercedez-Benz SLS AMG model, and the always popular Porsche 911. It isn’t certain what changes these competitors may make to each of these models over the next couple of years, but it is safe to assume that they will attempt to maintain a lead or at least comparable numbers.

What are some early concerns? Head lead at BMW Reithofer has already announced that he isn’t quite a fan of this car, but the subsidiary group lead of M series models surely is. This creates a bit of stir and uncertainty of whether this model may even go into production. Because based on their new methods in terms of technology and fuel-efficiency—it doesn’t seem to really comply to that method, allowing the leader of BMW to cut the project at anytime.

It isn’t certain when exactly it will be released if the project isn’t cancelled, but the year is 2016, and the price range could be as much as $330,000 USD, not likely to be in every driveway. Then again with its design and power, you will likely notice it.

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