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New Super Bowl Ads for Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign

Bridgestone Americas Launches New Performance-Focused Brand Campaign, the purpose of this campaign is to prove that Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) is truly a performance oriented brand.  Chief Marketing Officer of BATO, Philip Dobbs said, “As the Official Tire of the NFL, the NHL and the PGA TOUR, Bridgestone Americas is excited about our new brand campaign, which creatively integrates our sports marketing initiatives with our specific product lines and their unique characteristics. We have created an imaginary environment in which our proprietary technologies transcend the traditional bounds of tires, and we investigate the impact Bridgestone performance attributes could have on professional sports.”

“Time to Perform” is the name of new campaign of BATO and as always this performance oriented company will use state-of-the-art technology in its tires. Bridgestone is very focused on its image as a Sports brand and this campaign is its practical evidence. The first series of 5 new TV commercials were telecasted on 2nd January and the next will appear on 5th February 2012 during Super Bowl XLVI on NBC. It is anticipated that new Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign will earn good response.

While talking about commercials, Dobbs said “From the tremendous grip provided by the ultra high performance Potenza line, to the smooth, quiet traits of Turanza with Serenity, to the increased fuel efficiency and improved rolling resistance offered by Ecopia, and the breakthrough performance on snow and ice for which the Blizzak name is renowned, the commercials dramatize how the attributes from each product could translate to the football field, basketball court, bowling lane and ice hockey rink. In these commercials, we attempt to demonstrate the Bridgestone technologies that drivers can rely on when they need it most.”

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General information about road traffic accidents: precautions to take

December 2, 2011 • Autos Articles • Views: 1892

We are all aware of the dangers involved with driving. A fast, heavy car bearing down the motorway at high speeds is always going to be at risk of the unforeseen. We are all susceptible to road traffic accidents and can only remain vigilant in an attempt to avert catastrophe. We should never get

The Never Ending Demand for Landrovers

November 24, 2011 • Autos Articles • Views: 2010

Automobile have changed the way we move from one place to other. Hence, today we are more dependent on automobiles that can help us to move quickly across places. Although, most cars are designed to move on good flat concrete roads, there are vehicles that are designed to take you off the road and

Kelley Blue Book To Announce 2012 best resale value award winners

November 22, 2011 • Autos Articles • Views: 4864

Today, there are a large number of car manufacturers in the market. Selecting the best car out of the many available brands seems difficult for the people who are new to it. But, taking a random decision is also not the best option to go for. So in such a situation, Kelley Blue Book makes …

Driven to Distraction- The Ten Biggest Driving Distractions

November 7, 2011 • Autos Articles, Autos Insurance • Views: 1459

1.2 million People die each year as a result of road accidents; that averages out at one person every fifteen minutes. This emphasises the importance of maintaining concentration at all times and not being distracted. has therefore conducted research to find the ten biggest

Making Sure your Used Car isn’t Stolen

September 26, 2011 • Autos Articles • Views: 2721

It is very important to make sure that the used car you are considering purchasing isn’t stolen, because, if it is, you will lose it and probably all the money that you have paid for it. Every vehicle has a VIN or Vehicle Identification number. This unique number is quoted in the car registration