Ensure Your Car Is Scrapped Legally And Efficiently

How to ensure you have your car scrapped legally and efficiently by a professional scrapper if other methods of disposal such as selling aren’t suitable.

Don’t fall foul of the law when it’s time to dispose of your car

Some two million cars are scrapped every year, and there are very strict rules and regulations concerning their disposal – not least the specific environmental demands such as contained in the EU’s End Of Life Vehicle Directive.

It’s imperative you go about things the right way and not fall foul of less than scrupulous traders when it comes to scrapping or otherwise disposing of your car.

Do you need to scrap it?

If it’s a ‘runner’ then you may be able to sell it and thus extend its life and make a little money. It would also likely require a current MOT with at minimum a few months left and at least some chance it would pass.

An online car buying service would likely require a specific period of unexpired MOT, maybe two sets of keys and would possibly expect it to be a runner.

You could maybe trade it in but this is obviously only useful if you are looking to buy another car – and it may be that you could get more in a price reduction from the dealer for not trading anything in than you’d be offered for your old one.

The scrapping option

Grim images of having to do the rounds of breakers yards are no longer a concern. There are now companies who specialise in taking cars for scrap and can offer a scrap car quote using an online facility where you simply enter the registration number and maybe some other details.

If you’re happy with the price, they’ll often offer to come and collect it from you.

How to ensure your car is being scrapped legally

Check for the following with the car scrapping company:

Are they attached to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)? – It’s a legal requirement that all cars sent for scrap have to go to an ATF to be scrapped properly.

Are they licensed by the Environment Agency? – They must have a license to ensure they dispose of the vehicle without harming the environment. There are many specifics applicable to the recycling of vehicles.

They DON’T offer to pay cash – it’s illegal for car scrapping companies to pay cash for scrap cars. This is due to scrap metal regulations and the desire to combat metal theft (cars contain metals of value such as copper).

They should offer to pay by cheque or direct bank transfer. The latter is more likely and is beneficial to you and them; funds will reach your account quickly and they can then acquire your car swiftly without having to wait for funds to clear.

What you should do

If you’re concerned as to the trustworthiness of the scrapping company you’ve contacted, ask other industry related firms you trust such as your local garage or tyre and exhaust centre if they’d recommend anyone.

Failing that, the manufacturer of your car – under the terms of the EU directive discussed above – is ultimately responsible for making certain vehicles are disposed of properly and for free. Check their website to see who they collaborate with regarding car scrapping.

Once you’ve settled on a company to scrap your car

Paperwork find your V5 document and send the relevant section to the DVLA informing them you are no longer responsible for the car (the scraping company should also notify the DVLA you’re no longer the owner of the car).

ID – you’ll need to show some ID and proof of address; this is for the same reason as the scrapping company not being able to pay cash for scrap cars.

Ask how they store your ID data; they have to retain it by law for three years, but seek reassurance they store it securely – perhaps using encryption similar to banks.

Certificate – the scrap dealer should provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

Keys, wheel nuts and more – ensure all items relating to the car are provided for the scrapping company such as all sets of keys (don’t forget to remove any personal keys from the key ring), locking wheel nuts and other equipment.

Part dismantled cars

You may have problems getting a reasonable price (or maybe any offer at all) if you’ve partly dismantled the car, or allowed someone else to remove parts before offering it to the scrapping company.

On collection of your car

It shouldn’t take them long; the scrapping company will usually have a proper recovery vehicle and load up in a matter of minutes. It’s then just a matter of completing the relevant paperwork; very soon your old car will be gone and no longer taking up any more valuable space, and you’ll have some money in your bank account.

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