Car Damaged? Just Replace It!

When it may be worth considering selling a damaged car and replacing it rather than paying for repairs. The options, such as via online buyers, for selling it.

The options open for selling your damaged car rather than repairing it

With increases in vehicle body repair costs it may be worth considering selling your car and moving on to a more recent model, especially with the increased selling options including online valuers and purchasers. There are now more selling choices available than just putting an advert in the local paper and hoping for the best.

Repair or sell?

Repairing a car is not a cheap option these days unless it’s a minor scratch or ding; even then you either need to be handy in body repair DIY, or not be too bothered about the quality of the finished result if you run a much older car.

With the advent of most vehicle parts being fully replaced rather than repaired, such as bumpers, headlight units and more, the costs for these items and the labour on top sometimes means repairs can cost a signifiant chunk of the car’s overall value. In situations like this it may make more sense to sell and replace it.

Buying a more recent model means you could save in the long run as a more modern car could prove more economical and (if registered originally before April 1st 2017) cheaper to tax each year than your damaged, older model.

How to sell a damaged car?

There was a time that it would prove very difficult to sell a car with anything other than normal wear and tear levels of damage.

Selling privately would necessitate owning a car in good condition for its age, so major body repairs and damage making the car undriveable or at the very least illegal (such as having a headlight or lamp cluster damaged so they won’t operate properly) would make the car pretty much impossible to sell.

Now though, there are traders who are prepared to buy damaged cars, and even online buyers you can sell damaged cars to who will pay you once you’ve accepted their valuation and before they even come to collect the car.

It’s very useful to be able to get a no obligation valuation to determine whether selling your damaged car and buying another is a viable option compared to paying for repairs on your existing one.

Traders – ranging from one man bands to used car garages, these people may be prepared to buy damaged cars. Look for their advertising using phrases such as ‘any condition considered’ or similar – chances are they might be interested in making you an offer.

They’ll have an ecosystem of suppliers such as body repairers, or maybe they’ll do it themselves, to get the car into saleable condition to sell on.

Online car buyers – they represent a very quick and secure way of selling your car and offer online valuations. With some it’s a two-stage process in that you enter your car’s details on their website and they’ll provide a valuation more or less immediately, but this is subject to a physical inspection at one of their centres nearest to you.

If they stick to their online valuation, or they revise it but you’re happy to proceed, they’ll then transfer funds to your bank account or pay you by cheque and the deal is done. Some may not take cars with certain types of damage or non-runners so check first, although their websites should list what they will and won’t make offers on.

With certain other online buyers the process is even swifter. After entering your car’s details on their website and uploading a photo (useful of course so they can see the damage before making their best offer), they’ll provide a price and – if you agree to it – will not only call often within hours to collect the car, but transfer the money into your bank account beforehand.

The beauty here is there are no other costs to consider such as valeting, advertising or getting your car ready for sale such as having a service done or similar.

Quick and easy

The online services in particular have revolutionised selling your old car. The days when the only avenue was trading in or selling privately are long gone, and it’s especially useful to know you can dispose of a damaged car without having to repair it first.

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