Buying a Used Car – What Should Dealers Offer You?

When buying a used car, it’s tempting to think only about the vehicle. That’s understandable, as it’s the biggest part of the transaction. There are lots of other aspects to consider before you walk into the showroom, though. A good car dealer isn’t just selling you a car. They’re selling you a full package of guarantees, options and payment schemes. You should aim to buy from dealers who help you get the best quality car. They should also be ensuring you have security and flexibility around payment. Here are some tips on what any used dealer should be offering you as a customer.


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Used cars can be a minefield. Let’s face facts. You don’t know who owned them. You don’t know where they’ve been. You don’t know what could have happened to them. For instance, a growing number of write-offs are finding their way back into the market nowadays. These vehicles can cause problems to unsuspecting owners. It’s best to go to a dealer that checks and certifies the vehicles they sell. You’ll feel much more comfortable with a guarantee that the car you’re buying isn’t dodgy. You should also try and work with dealers that provide service histories, if they are available.


They’ve bought it from a proper source, checked it too- but something still goes wrong. These things happen. With many dealers, that wouldn’t be their problem. This attitude is an appalling one, and you shouldn’t deal with these people. Any good dealer will offer you a warranty to cover unforeseen mishaps. Some companies, like, offer a year-long warranty. They also give you the opportunity to extend it if you wish. Peace of mind is reassuring when you’re buying a used car, and it’s worth seeking out.

Test drive

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This one seems obvious. It’s key when you’re buying a car. You need to know how it feels to drive. You want to make sure it’s the one for you. Any good dealer should offer a test drive. If they won’t, then steer clear – something’s up. If they’re not letting you test the product, then they shouldn’t have your custom.


Finally, any good dealer will offer you a decent finance package. It’s in their interests to ensure that you can pay for your vehicle. Furthermore, they should try to make sure you can pay in a manner that suits you. Good dealers will provide you with competitive interest rates based on market prices. Be wary of high rates or unprotected deals. In the USA, there have been many scams based on car financing. Ensure your dealer is transparent when it comes to organising the finance.

Buying a used car these days isn’t as simple as it once was. Dealers are desperate for your business. These days, they have to offer you much more to make you into a customer. You’re able to get a lot more out of them too. Buying and paying for a car should be easy. Go to the dealers that make it easy for you.

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