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Buying a Car – Should You Buy New? | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Buying a Car – Should You Buy New?

There are many dilemmas you’ll have to face when you’re buying a new car. The first, and maybe biggest, is whether to buy a new car or a used one. It’s not an easy decision to make. There are pros and cons on both sides of the argument.

I always find the temptation to buy new pretty hard to resist. This isn’t necessarily always the best choice though, even if you have the money to do it. I’ve decided to weigh up the main pros and cons of buying new, so you don’t have to.



If you’re buying a car new from the manufacturer, the one huge advantage you’ll get is a full manufacturer’s warranty. They can last for a few years but some companies even cover you for as long as 7 or 8 years.

This kind of cover means that any repair jobs that need doing will be sorted out free of charge. It’s a great thing to have because it gives you peace of mind that you just can’t get with a used car.

It’s Not Used

This might sound obvious, and it is. But the greatest thing about new cars is that they’re new! Those seats haven’t been sat in by anyone else; the steering wheel is untouched by human hands! Driving a brand new car provides you with an unrivalled experience.

A new car probably won’t surprise you with little niggling problems that have been there for years either. The seats will move around smoothly, the windows won’t stick when you try to put them down, and there won’t be a rattling noise coming from the exhaust.

More Efficient

Due to technological advancements in the car manufacturing industry, your new car will almost certainly be fuel efficient. This will save you money in the long term.

The other benefit of a more efficient car is a smaller carbon footprint. If you want to go down this path, you could even get a new hybrid or fully electric car. There are road tax subsidies to incentivise these kinds of decisions too.

SamsungImage Source


More Costly

Cars that are new are more expensive. That’s a simple fact of life, unfortunately. When you look around at the market and see how cheaply you could get a second hand car from Sandles Car Supermarket, it’s hard to justify the cost of a new car.

The decision will only be down to you, but the difference in costs can be quite startling.

It Will Depreciate Quickly

The other problem with new cars is that they fall in price very quickly once they hit the road for the first time. This is called depreciation, and it’s the bane of the new car owners life.

So, you’ll never make the money back that you spend. If you’re buying a new car, this a fact that you’ll just have to accept because there’s no escaping it.

More Difficult Process

Buying from a manufacturer isn’t the swiftest and easiest of processes. You’ll quite often be left hanging for a long time before you can behind the wheel of your new car. If you’re prepared to do that, you won’t have a problem. But if you’re eager, you want to consider buying second hand instead.

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Published on: March 4, 2015

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