How to buy the perfect tires for your Motorbike

There are so many different kinds of tires available in the market today that first-time buyers often get confused and end up buying the wrong ones. So what happens when someone goes home with the wrong tires? Their bike either start consuming more fuel or goes off balance at high speeds. So if you are interested in maximizing your bike’s performance, it’s important that you install the right tires. Here are some basic tips to help you with your tire hunt.


Consider your bike type and driving pattern

Consider the type of your bike and your driving style when buying new tires. For example, if you ride a cruiser, you will be looking for tires that are specially developed for cruisers. Similarly, if you drive a sports bike, then you need to look for the high-speed tires that are particularly designed for such driving conditions. Also, your driving is also very important and you really need to determine your priorities before you walk into that tire shop. If you drive long distances on daily basis, you need tires that are fuel efficient, if you drive fast, you need tires that give your bike a good grip on the road and so on. This is an important aspect that is usually ignored.

Tire Size

Buying the right size of tire is just as important as buying the right size of shoe for yourself. So happens when you buy shoes that are too large or too small for you? You can’t walk properly. Same is the case with bikes. Get acquainted with the right tire size for your bike by consulting your owner’s manual. You can also check the tire size with your mechanic in order to make sure you are buying the right tire.

Fuel Economy

Type of tires determines 20% of your bike’s fuel consumption. There are also some energy saving tires available in the market that actually help you with diminishing pollution level while consecutively providing decreased fuel consumption. They do come with lower rolling resistance, which means low road grip.


Take your time to do research and don’t rush things up. Go to the shops and get quotations on different tire brands. Then check their customer’s reviews online and see which company offers the best products and services. Any information you get online regarding the quality of a tire and its lifespan is important. You may also search for indicators outlining the level of noise a tire produces. Remember, researching always helps you in making informed decisions.

Tire longevity

You want your tires to last a long time and this is precisely why you want to buy the best tires available in the market. But the longevity of a tire actually depends on many factors and can include the condition of the road you are driving your bike on, your driving style, the weather of the area you are living in and so on.
These were some tips designed to assist first-time tire buyers in making quality purchases. The post has been sponsored by Bike Bandit.

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