Buick Encore with Rainsense Automatic Wipers

Vehicle manufacturers are installing timeless personal technologies in their models every day. In this respect, Buick Encore is one luxury crossover that can be fitted with Rainsense wipers, which upon activation, turns the wipers on when water or rain is detected on the car’s windshield.

The Rainsense automatic wipers employ the working concept of a rain sensor which will be placed on the behind part of the rearview mirror. Afterwards, when water is detected on the windshield, a signal will be sent to the vehicle’s computer system, which will eventually turn on the wipers.

Although an easy-looking and simple idea to implement in a vehicle, Matt Piazza who is the global engineer for rain sensor technology at GM outlines that this requires numerous processes and testing stages with the likes of Encore. Piazza and his team work alongside HELLA Electronics, the suppliers of the sensor to oversee the success of the automatic wipers.

Factors such as the rain intensity, light conditions, windshield pitch, etc., also come up to dictate the working of the Rainsense wipers.

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The rain sensor which takes a reading after every 40 milliseconds is a light sensor that utilizes the infrared light rays, which will detect water droplets on the windshield via the idea of light refraction.

In the dark, the Rainsense wipers will still work due to the raindrop that still refracts a considerable amount of light and thus trigger its performance and with more wipes compared to a light setting.

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Published on: April 5, 2014

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