Buick Buyers Get More with Verano

Buick has always been one of the top brands that has extremely good year in 2011. The company managed to gain more than 40% of the customers without using the brand name of General Motors and they managed to get more customers with the help of their best car Verano compact luxury sedan. Many customers who bought the new Buick Verano are extremely satisfied with the performance and appearance of the car. David Dunbar Buick, one of the relative of brand founder said that he never felt that cars were right for him and therefore he decided to build a better car.

However, Buick Verano is the perfect car for him and he replaces his old Subaru Outback with his new Buick Verano. As per him the car is perfect from every point of view and therefore he loves to drive the car. Speaking more about the driving experience, he said that he prefers customed comforts rather than spending money on expensive cars that have too many features that actually complicates the driving experience. He said that Buick Verano is far better than any other car in the market and small features like heated steering wheel makes a bigger difference to the overall driving experience.

He also shared the information about the new Buick Verano which comes with seven inch Color Touch radio and other features which are missing in other top of the class cars in the same range. He also stated that many people love to buy smaller cars that have more features and Buick Verano is designed and built for those consumers.

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Published on: February 3, 2012

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