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Bridgestone Launches Teens Drive Smart Campaign | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Bridgestone Launches Teens Drive Smart Campaign

Cars today have become an integral part of our lifestyle and therefore many teens in the North America believe that they need better cars that they can use with their peers. On the other hand, there are parents who do buy best cars for their kids because they believe they have the financial power and the right to provide what their kids really want. However, many researchers and companies have now found out that more and more teenagers are now dying because of reckless driving and accidents that have been happening all over the North America.

This is why many companies are now trying to come up with better driving awareness campaign like Teens Drive Smart campaign started by Bridgestone Americas. The company believes that they will need to come up with better initiatives that will help the people and kids to understand that they need to follow traffic laws when they are on the road and that they need to drive their cars responsibly because it could cost many lives. The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Video Contest is a better way to promote better driving ideas that youngsters can use to ensure that they are safe while they are in their cars.

With the new Teens Drive Smart contest youngsters create their own creative video about driving safely which would be 25 to 55 seconds long and they would submit it to Bridgestone Americas. The company would then sort out the top ten videos from the list of videos that they have received and put it on website for the public. People can start voting their favorite videos and Bridgestone would declare winner to the top three videos that receives maximum votes. The first winner of the campaign will get $25,000 college scholarship and the video will be shown on MTV Jumbotron in Times Square in New York. The second and third place winner will receive $15,000 and $10,000 college scholarships respectively.

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Published on: April 25, 2012

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2 Responses to Bridgestone Launches Teens Drive Smart Campaign

  1. Brian says:

    I believe this might only help some of the kids but not the rich filthy teenies.

  2. Chris says:

    Strongly support this cause and campaign and I believe people must teach their kids about driving rules.

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