BMW Participates in Berlin International Film Festival

Automobile companies are always looking for better ways to promote their new products that they launch in the market and while some companies look out to merge with music companies top companies like BMW has decided to participate in the Berlin International Film Festival. Now, BMW has announced that they will be the main partner of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. The car maker has announced that since they are the main partners they will be arranging different vehicles for the stars that will attend the film festival. For this the company BMW will be providing their new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, BMW 7 Series sedans and the brand new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

BMW has also announced that they will also arrange some of their classic cars that will be shown in the movies. This will include BMW 326 Convertible which is seen in movies like The Tin Drum made in 1936 and BMW 501 also known as Isar 12 which was in the movie Funkstreife Isar 12 which was made in 1960 and even BMW Z8 which was seen in The World Is Not Enough released in the year 1999. There are many film personalities that will be driven in MINIs that they have configured themselves as part of EFP Shooting Stars also known as Europe’s best young actors. All the Mini cars that will be brought to the event will have interesting quotations and have personalized logos on it to symbolize the creative potential of the actors.

BMW has always actively participated in various events which they take pride in and they make sure that they provide the best options to film personalities. BMW is sure that this will help them to be a part of the film festival and will also impress various actors and the audiences who will check out the latest and some of the classic cars that BMW have under their brand. The festival will take place at the Berlinale Palace and the lounge will be set at the Grand Hyatt Berlin where various film personalities and celebrities will come together.

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