BMW Officially Launches Mini in India

There is no doubt that BMW is among the top automobile brands all over the world and now they are gradually bringing in their premium brands to India. The BMW Group today decided to launch their MINI brand in India and therefore they have announced to launch Mini Cooper Convertible and Mini Cooper S Countryman in India. While launching the new Mini Cooper cars in India Dr. Kay Segler, Senior Vice President for Mini Brand Management and Business Coordination said that it was more than ten years ago that the company decided to make history by launching Mini globally which has remained the most premium small car brand in the world. He also said that since the launch of Mini globally they have been working on expanding the Mini family and therefore introduced many other models in the same category.

He also said that Mini Cooper Convertible and Mini Cooper S Countryman are two bold models that are available in the Mini Cooper family and the company feels that India would be among the top markets where they can accelerate the growth of this small car brand. It was also revealed that this year Mini Cooper will start their three new outlets, Deutsche Motoren and Bird Automotive in New Delhi and Infinity Cars in Mumbai. These outlets will help them to grow eventually all over the country.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President of BMW Group said that Mini has become symbolic for small car brand across the globe and they are sure that the debut of Mini in India will be widely accepted.

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