BMW Launches Real Time Digital Tool for ActiveE Drivers

Selling off the car is no longer the only thing that matters for car makers. BMW has now come up with new digital tool that offers better options to the consumers where they can find more information about the car performance and how their cars affect the environment in real time. The all new Electronaut Effect is the new digital tool that BMW believes will make a lot of difference to the overall BMW experience because it will update and inform BMW drivers and owners about all the information that they need to know related to their electric vehicle. The tool also offers updated information on various electric vehicle models that are available in the market.


The biggest plus factor of the tool is that it offers aggregate car data for the new BMW ActiveEs which is the fully electric cars from BMW. The company claims that all the information will be updated on the digital tool so that all the BMW ActiveEs drivers and owners can stay updated and access data that can allow them to make their car more efficient in the real world. The new Electronaut Effect digital tool offers data in range, savings and environment categories which makes it easier for the owners to evaluate and view the data that is being processed.

BMW ActiveE

BMW claims that according to the information that they have Electronauts have driven around 6.1 million miles and some of the Electronauts have driven the car for 367.7 miles in a single day. In savings, Electronauts have actually saved $740,000 collectively by driving all electric cars and saving that much amount of money that could have been used on gas. The report claims that Electronauts have also saved 275,000 gallons of gas since they are driving electric cars. BMW claims that so far there are 700 Electronauts that are using these vehicles and they can keep accessing and updating the information in the real time. There are many forums as well where customers are offering more options and information about the new digital tool for ActiveE drivers and how one can participate in it.

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Published on: April 12, 2013

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