BMW Introduces Electric Vehicles for London Olympics 2012

Vehicle manufacturers today are always conscious about providing more options to the consumers and therefore most of them have electric cars that can allow them to establish in the electric vehicle market. Now, BMW Group has decided to add one more vehicle to their list of electric vehicles at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. The automaker made an announcement that they have come up with 160 BMW ActiveE models and around 40 Mini E that will be used at the London 2012 Olympics to shuttle athletes and various sports officials from the ground to the surrounding Games site.

The automaker said that they have also helped the Olympic Torch Relay convoy for the journey around the UK and will do the same for the Paralympics Torch Relay in the near future. However, BMW is focusing on electric Mini which will be used on the field of play to ferry javelins, discusses, hammers and shots back from the field to the throw area. The company said that they have made use of the radio controlled electric car that will save valuable time of the competition and also allow to make things simpler at the London 2012 Olympics. The new electric Mini can carry 8 kilos and will be powered by batteries that can last for 35 minutes. The radio control in the vehicle can have a range of approximately 100 meters and can be charged fully in less than 80 minutes. The company said that all the electric vehicles will return to base to get ready for the next event.

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