BMW Brings Napster Music Service to ConnectedDrive Users

BMW is keen on offering better customer experience to BMW car buyers with the introduction of better features that in-built into the BMW ConnectedDrive. Now, with the help of Online Entertainment BMW has decided to bring Napster to BMW vehicles. BMW has made an announcement that they would like to provide better music experience to their car buyers and therefore they are offering Napster through Online Entertainment which offers a catalog of over 20 million titles. BMW said that connectivity from vehicle to music provider is through the in-built SIM card in the vehicle that ensures better music pleasure while driving.

Napster through Online Entertainment

All the users that will access Online Entertainment for the first time can open their user account by entering their email address. BMW also revealed full access to all catalogs of music services which is available at no extra cost in France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain. For this users will need ConnectedDrive Services and the BMW Navigation System Professional. With the help of BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW is trying to offer better music experience to the users as they can search music by artist, album, genre and many other options. The system also plays and downloads the next track automatically to offer uninterrupted audio experience to the users.

Online Entertainment

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