BMW ActiveHybrid 3: Intelligent and Fuel Efficient Car

Car manufacturers today are conscious about launching cars that are intelligent and environment friendly. BMW has now announced the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 vehicle which is supposed to be one of the top cars that will be launched in the market this year. Let’s take a quick look at the top features in the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 review below.


  • BMW has always focused on the outer design of the car which instantly appeals to most car buyers. The all new ActiveHybrid 3 will have a sport appearance on the outside which instantly appeals to the younger generation. The ActiveHybrid 3 lettering is done on the C pillars and on the rear side as well.
  • On the rear, the car has matt chrome exhaust tailpipes which makes the car look very different from the rest of the sedans launched by BMW. Some of the accents on the car like satin finish windows make the car look premium and rich. The car has an aerodynamic design to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


  • BMW is very conscious about the engines that they incorporate in their vehicles and ActiveHybrid 3 incorporates the award winning combustion engine that is coupled with innovative electric drive.
  • The six cylinder in-line engine will have BMW TwinPower Turbo technology combined with eight speed automatic hybrid transmission. The intelligent energy management will make sure that the car does not consume more fuel and optimizes the performance of the vehicle. The engine has the capability to produce 306 horsepower and 225 lb feet of torque.
  • On the other hand, the electric motor can produce 55 horsepower with the help of lithium-ion battery placed below the luggage area.
  • The intelligent energy management helps in consuming the fuel efficiently when the car is above 160 kmph.


  • BMW provides a luxurious feel to the all new ActiveHybrid 3 vehicle and therefore it has superior quality upholstery and interior elements in the vehicle.
  • The vehicle also has dual zone climate control with stationary air conditioning. On the other hand, the vehicle also has various driver assistance programs and features.

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