Bentley Unveils Super Efficient 2014 Hybrid Concept

Bentley has unveiled their new 2014 Bentley Hybrid Concept at the Beijing Motor Show 2014 which shows the new system inside the Mulsanne platform. Bentley announced that the new hybrid concept car will be first available in 2017. While Bentley has not mentioned the layout, but it will be paired with Mulsanne twin turbocharged 6.0 liter V8 engine. The new system will offer 25% better power compared to the conventional vehicle and will reduce the CO2 emission by a whopping 70% which makes it an eco-friendly vehicle. The new concept vehicle is also capable to driving at least 50 kilometers on pure electric mode.  Bentley has decided to make changes to the exterior elements including headlamps and radiator shell bezel and brake calipers and badges. On the other hand, the interior design has been tweaked with copper accents to get the electrical theme that goes well with the efficient concept vehicle.

2014 Bentley Hybrid Concept

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