Bentley – The First Auto brand achieved Environmental standards

Bentley environmental standardsThe Bentley, one of the well known automaker combined its skills, quality craftsmanship, engineering expertise and advanced technology to produce high end vehicles without affecting the environmental standards. Hence, as recognition to the efforts of this great German owned British automaker achieved the Carbon Trust Water Standard. In this way, Bentley becomes the first automaker and the first organization among the ten best organizations of the world. For this achievement, the Bentley reduced the water usage by 35.7% compared to the previous year at the Crewe headquarter, in 2012, the water usage was 109,284 m3.

This was not an easy task and the Bentley Environmental Team took and implemented lots of initiative with the help of more than 4,000 Crewe workforce and their suggestions. The Member of the Board for Manufacturing, Michael Strughan said, “Bentley works hard to continuously improve its overall environmental performance and this achievement recognizes our positive commitment to minimizing our water footprint. We have further measures planned to increase this reduction, and will continue to listen to and integrate positive ideas from our Colleagues.”

To make a reduction in the water usage, the Bentley renovated its Paint Shop and water treatment facilities and a new water recycling facility was built in the Crewe. Bentley also replaced the major section of water and fire hydrant system across the Crewe manufacturing plant to fix any kind of leaks in the main supply pipes. As a result of these initiatives, the Bentley is now able re-use the water to prepare efficient vehicles with little wastage.

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Published on: October 24, 2013

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