AutoZone is Concern about Maintenance of Vehicles

AutoZone introduced some exciting tips that can give new life to your vehicles; if you are worried about the declining fuel efficiency of your vehicle no need to worry now AutoZone has offered solution in form of some basic maintenance tips. Director of merchandising at AutoZone Steve Stoll said, “Spending a few minutes and a few dollars performing routine maintenance checks can ease the pain at the pump and help extend vehicle life. A small investment in car care today could pay off down the road.”

AutoZone shared tips about maintenance of vehicles regarding check fluids, Test battery to prevent a breakdown, Replace and maintain important components. Let’s look into detail of these tips.

Simple Maintenance Tips from AutoZone

Check Fluid: Fluid are must have for proper and smooth functioning of vehicles, fluids not only lubricate the important component of vehicles but also enhances the efficiency of vehicle and improves its life. Some important fluids helps to avoid heating of engine and some high quality synthetic oils like Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy enhances the fuel efficiency and overall performance of engine.

Test Battery to Avoid Breakdown: Functioning of batteries is affected in sweltering heat of summers so it is suggested that properly check the battery and test it if required. National Car Care Council suggests that battery should be checked at least once in a year and should be tested particularly in hottest months of summer season. Simple maintenance tips from AutoZone to improve fuel efficiency and prevent breakdowns will really work for your vehicle.

Substitute and Maintain Important Components: Don’t forget to replace and maintain important components; spark plugs which affects the emission level, fuel efficiency of vehicles, oxygen sensors which enhances the mileage of gas and last but not the least air filters which causes enhanced performance and acceleration.

AutoZone is concerned about the maintenance of vehicles because it conducted a survey and its result moved it to share some tips with people. The result of survey revealed that trends to buy new vehicles are decreasing due to decrease in buying power of customers and people are really worried about the soaring gas prices. As a result more old cars will be seen on the road in future  which will require maintenance and care and by following above mentioned tips one can well maintain its vehicle.

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