AT&T Buys CNG Chevrolet Express Vans

Companies today all over the world are looking to modify their production values and make it more environmental friendly because they want to make some difference to the world and contribute to make this world a better place. There are many companies who are now trying to make use of hybrid cars for their fleet and now AT&T has decided to do something similar with the help of General Motors. In one of their recent announcements, AT&T decided to take delivery of 1200 Chevrolet Express CNG vans that they will use for their corporate use. The company also made announcement that they have decided to invest more than $565 million for these vans and they are now looking for vehicles that have alternative fuel because that way they can reduce carbon emission.

The company has announced that they will make use of these vans till 2018 and these vans will be used to provide and maintain communications, high speed internet and television services for all AT&T customers. Just a few days ago AT&T already deployed their 5000th CNG vehicle which they will use for their customers and other uses. Jerome Webber, AT&T Vice President of Fleet Operations said that CNG technology is really important to the company because it will help the company to reduce their carbon emissions. He further said that on the other hand, these new vans will also be cost effective and will be available in the country. This will definitely make an impact on the environment and other companies who are planning to think differently.

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