Advantages of New Age Handheld Surface Roughness Tester Profilometer

Surface profile is really important and has to be measured in the right way especially in the production shop and therefore many production facilities make use of the best profilometer that can measure the surface profile and quantify the roughness of the part. However, because of the high demand in the market production facilities today have to speed up their process and therefore new technologies have been used to make job easier for the workers. Handheld surface roughness tester profilometer is one of the best tools that most production shops use today to find the right information that they need in short period of time.

One of the biggest advantages of using handheld profilometer is that it is easy to use and therefore that speeds up the entire process. These portable handheld surface roughness tester profilometers are designed to keep things simple and easy and economically designed so that users can keep it in their pockets as well. This measuring instrument also gets the right kind of body that can handle the rough environment of production shops and can handle all the stress and tension. Hence, most of the handheld profilometers come with durable carrying case that makes it easier for workers to carry it along.

Some of the latest handheld surface roughness tester profilometers also have menu driven operating system so that workers can make the right use of it and it is very user friendly as well. Users can go through the menu and all the options to get the right measurements and roughness test that they want. These profilometers also have multiple roughness parameter options and therefore one can use the same instrument to measure different surface roughness parameters like Ra, Rz, Rt, and (Rq) Rms. Handheld surface roughness tester profilometer also comes with a digital screen that provides all the information which makes the job easier for those who are working in the production shop. Usually all profilometers have diamond tip stylus that offers better efficiency and usability that users need when they are working on the production floor. The instrument is also designed to handle the temperature and working conditions and weigh almost around 500 grams which makes it easier to carry around.

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Published on: September 30, 2013

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