Advanced Driver Visibility in Cadillac ATS

Surveys and researches were carried in Europe as well as the U.S, focusing on the needs of drivers, driving on much demanding roads. According to General Motors architecture engineer, the findings disclosed new ways of evaluating visibility and measuring it, despite its being a highly sensory natured subject. Engineers worked hard to locate the attributes in the vehicle that can help maximize ATS’s driving character and make the best use of sight lines. What you get is 2013 Cadillac ATS luxury sport sedan with advanced visibility for the driver.

Cadillac ATS

The visibility you get in this luxury sport sedan inspires confidence and self assurance for the occupants. Different aspects have been focused on such as seat height, side vision distance, forward vision distance, A-pillar area size and the exterior mirror. Even the pushy objects in windows such as the interior rearview mirror and rear headrests too have been taken into consideration when working on the enhanced visibility.

ATS’s driver visibility gets considerably influenced by the design criteria and this comprises of styling, aerodynamics, safety, structural stiffness as well as vehicle packaging. Those A-pillars and steeply raked windshields make for an improved fuel economy and aerodynamics. Those higher hoods make for pedestrian protection but together these features can reduce visibility and pose challenges for the driver.

ATS’s driver visibility

Smart designing in Cadillac ATS along with the use of superior materials such as high strength steel offer the ATS drivers with a better view of the road. Advanced technologies allow them to get extended their vision around the car. A new visibility evaluation system is sued to create a Driver Visibility Calculator. The hood is kept low and the A-pillars have been made slim with the use of high-strength steel. A rear vision camera offers a natural view of objects that are directly behind the ATS , thus showing the available space and vehicle’s path.

These robust scientific methods have proved to be important instruments in the development of Cadillacs and execute good visibility.

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Published on: March 9, 2013

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