Acura Unveils New AcuraLink Cloud Based Connectivity System

Honda has been trying to bring out some of the best vehicles and now the company is focusing on their Acura models that have been in the display at the 2012 Los Angeles International Auto Show. Acura has now said that they will also bring out the next generation AcuraLink cloud based connectivity system for the vehicles that will debut in the all new 2014 Acura RLX luxury sedan. Honda believes that consumers today are focusing on better connectivity and driving experience and therefore they have come up with new embedded technology that can handle web enabled devices in the vehicle.

One of the biggest advantages of AcuraLink is that it offers thousands of personalized cloud based news, information and media feeds from all over the world making it convenient for the users to get all the information. Honda also said that all the new RLX models will have the Acura Navigation System and the new AcuraLink Real Time Traffic which also includes updated freeway. Charles Koch Large Project Leader for AcuraLink said that Acura has lot of sophisticated customers that make use of smartphones and other tools that allow them to stay connected and enjoy their media on the move.

Acura said that the cloud based strategy they will bring in the surface street traffic feature for the first time in the market and will be integrated into the vehicle. Acura announced that they have been working on various connectivity features in their new vehicles where drivers never have to take their eyes off the roads while selecting options on their system. With cloud based AcuraLink drivers have the option to get all the information they need. With real time traffic information drivers can take the less congested roads that will also improve the overall fuel consumption rate and ensure better performance of the vehicle.

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Published on: December 1, 2012

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