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If you are reading this article you are likely looking to learn more about cars, specially about manual transmissions. Many people do not know how a manual transmission works because they didn’t learn how to drive a car on one and they haven’t had a reason to learn how to drive one as of yet. Or maybe you are reading this article because you just want to see how someone else explains the process of driving a car with a manual transmission. Chances are you will take something away from this article, and because of that you should keep reading about the fantastic manual transmission feature that some vehicles have!


An Introduction

A car with a manual transmission is often referred to as a “standard,” or a “stick” shift. Driving a manual transmission is really different from driving an automatic. You have to shift gears, and you have to move a lever, but it gets easy once you have done it on several occasions. After a while, once you have gotten used to it, you may feel that a manual transmission makes you feel that you have more control over the vehicle instead of the lack of control you may feel when you first start driving with one. However, vehicles with manual transmissions do not require a whole lot of service, possible traveling up to thousands of miles without it, and many vehicles that come at a low cost come with manual transmissions.

Driving a car with a manual transmission is like riding a bike on a nice day. When riding a bike you need a lot power to get going from a stop. And, the same is true with a car: you need plenty of power to increase a car’s speed from zero to ten miles per hour. You know how you can change gears on a bicycle? Well, this changing of gears works almost the same way as on a car. Cars have transmission to connect the drive wheel to the engine, while on a bicycle you have a chain!

What Happens When You Shift Gears

When you a shift a gear in a car with a manual transmission you’re moving a rod to move a fork to engage the gear. Although you are using the same “stick” every single time you need to change gears, a different fork causes the vehicle to change gears depending on which gear you need to use.

The Clutch

To operate a manual transmission correctly you need to know about the clutch. The clutch is located between the engine and the transmission. In fact, the clutch is bolted to these two vehicle components. Front-wheel drive vehicle transmissions are usually referred to as “transaxles” because the transmission, differential and drive axles are one big unit. Operating the clutch may be a challenging part of learning to drive a standard, but one gets used to it in time.

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