A Good Problem to Have?

With the economy bouncing back and people becoming more comfortable with purchasing new vehicles opposed to fixing their existing ones, most would think that car manufacturers would be on top of the demand. Anticipating the demand, Hyundai didn’t expect it would put them beyond manufacturing capacity.

New Vehicles

Since Hyundai and their sister company decided to change their overall approach to car manufacturing, both companies have been continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Hyundai this year was able to surpass their sales goal of all time and continued to show growth during the first quarter.

Though showing such promising numbers for their future, it does present some potential issues with further growth. With the current demand of their models, Hyundai is unable to pump more vehicles out of their plants and on to the lots. At face value, this may be a good problem to have, but the automaker needs to address the issue if they want to continue with their success.

The immediate issue is that the automaker is starting to lose traction with their gained market share as customers refuse to wait for the estimated two month period on some vehicles and decide to look elsewhere. Despite the minor loss in market share, this has provided Hyundai with the opportunity to position themselves as a more exclusive car manufacturer than others. This move in addition to reducing buyer incentives will help Hyundai catch up with the growing demand and making their cars to be sought after.

While Hyundai is pushing exclusivity to their lower end vehicles, it is already apparent with their higher-end models such as the Equus and the Genesis. The Equus and Genesis are Hyundai’s premium luxury vehicles that compete with other luxury car manufacturers such as BWM and Mercedes Benz.  Unlike most companies, Hyundai is the only one that truly offers something for everyone; from the budget minded family to the business executive. Feel free to explore to get more information on the many vehicles that Hyundai has to offer.

As Hyundai sales continue to climb, they anticipate nothing but further success once they are back on track. They have already been making arrangements with various plants to keep up with the demand. With the growth, people also suspect that there may be plans to build more plants. While that has not been formally announced, it seems that it will be a likely possibility.

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Published on: May 19, 2013

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