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What to Expect from the 2015 Hyundai Tucson | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

What to Expect from the 2015 Hyundai Tucson

Medium SUVs haven’t always had an easy ride. Sometimes they try to appeal to everyone but end up appealing to nobody. So, what can we expect from the 2015 Hyundai Tucson?


Practical Interiors

As always, Hyundai gets the interiors just right. They’re not fancy or overblown; they’re just right. Practicality is the key focus for Hyundai, and that’s not a bad thing. The seats are comfortable, and the leg and headroom are more than adequate. You can easily fit five very tall people in the car and still have plenty of room left over. That’s how much space the Tucson gives you.

Loading and unloading stuff in the back of the car is made easy by the rear door that opens high and wide. You can fit plenty in the back as well. If you need transport things regularly, this car will make it a lot easier than most do. The rear seats can be folded down easily to allow for even more space.

Value for Money

The car isn’t cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re tempted by some of the lower prices offered by the Tucson’s rivals, you should take a closer look at what you can get from the Tucson. You get a lot of car for the money you spend. It’s also not a particularly expensive car to run. If you ask me, Hyundai is a manufacturer you can trust. You only have to visit a Hyundai dealership to see the value for money they have always offered.

The 1.7-litre diesel engine is very economical, so you won’t waste money on fuel. It does over 60 miles per gallon and emits about 120g/km of carbon dioxide. The other thing to take note of is how well Hyundai cars tend to hold their value. This means that the Tucson will not depreciate in value as quickly as a lot of other cars do. So, if it ever comes to selling the vehicle, you’ll make a decent amount of money on the sale.


The car warrants the rather large price tag mostly because of the great equipment that is offered inside the car. A big step forward is the fact that the car comes with a DAB radio included. Most manufacturers have avoided putting DAB radios in cars for the past few years, but Hyundai’s move could change all that now. There’s also air-conditioning, Bluetooth and automatic headlights. If you invest in the SE model, there are even more options available to you.

It gives you dual-zone climate control, heated seats and rear parking sensors. This technology is all top of the range. There’s also the satnav with an 8-inch touchscreen. There’s not much more you could ask for than all that. It might cost a little more for the SE model, but it’s definitely worth it when you look at what you get for your money. If you really want to splash out, you can go even further and buy the Premium SE.

When the Hyundai Tucson finally reaches the market, it’s sure to find an audience. It has a lot to offer despite the high price.

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Published on: August 25, 2015

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