2012 Honda Accord and Fit Win 10 Best Cars Award

Automobile companies are always under the pressure to excel and come up with something better that would not only impress the customers but also car critics and experts and therefore they have to ensure that they make better cars that not only perform but also provide some better driving experience. Honda has been working hard on providing better cars to their consumers which would not only perform but also have great fuel efficiency. Recently, at the Car and Driver Magazine event, the 2012 Honda Accord and Honda Fit got named among the 10 Best Cars for the Year 2012.

The annual 10 Best Cars award by Car and Driver Magazine is one of the reputed awards that every automobile company looks forward to and therefore Honda is glad that they have managed to get two cars in the list. In the last 30 years of automobile history, Honda has managed to get their vehicles in this list for 26 times which is certainly a great achievement for the company. The eighth generation Honda Accord has certainly won many hearts since 1976 when the first generation model was launched and it has managed to bag many other awards as well.

Along with Honda Accord, Honda Fit has also managed to bag the award for the sixth time and it proves that Honda Fit is certainly one of the best cars that Honda has come up with recently because Honda Fit has won the 10 Best Cars award for every year since it was launched in 2007. John Mendel, Executive Vice President of American Honda Co. Inc said that the company is really proud of the achievement and that they seriously make sure that they provide better cars that can make into the list of Car and Driver Magazine 10 Best Cars.

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Published on: December 7, 2011

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